Haldi & Tulsi (Kapha) Shower Gel


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This shower gel balance and solve skin issue by Kapha prakriti of body. Haldi (Roots) and Tulsi (divine plant) shower gel is an innovative body wash, ideal for people who have Kapha prakriti imbalance, active lifestyle with regular cold and cough issue. This shower gel is most preferable for whom need to balance kapha prakriti on skin and  give a dose of healthy refreshment to kick off their day. Its anti-bacterial properties clubbed with rich antioxidants found in Haldi act as a strong antiseptic agent against skin ageing and Hot Prakriti helps to fight against cold and cough infection, and Tulsi acts as anti-cancer properties and natural immune booster maintain kapha prakriti. And combination of both Haldi and Tulsi give  your skin smooth, protective and rejuvenating.



Active: Haldi Extract • Tulsi Extract • Aqua

How To Use

Wet you body. Pour little quantity of body wash onto the hands of loofah and foam a lather by rubbing the loofah against your skin. Rub the hands all over your body to deep cleanse. Rinse your thoroughly with water and pat dry. For best results use it daily. Safe on also baby skin.

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Haldi & Tulsi (Kapha) Shower Gel