About us

The benefits of practicing Ayurveda have been tremendous throughout the country, with maximum satisfaction over the centuries. Ayurvedic therapies and remedies have proven to be effective on the mind and lifestyle of Human beings as this is a 5000-year-old medicinal system that originated in India.

After 23 types of research in oil and 34 in shampoo, Boat Ayurveda has developed age-wise hormones balancing oil and shampoo, giving perfect root cause solutions for anti-hair fall and anti-dandruff. We also found that in the age of 1 to 30 versus the period of 30+ human body reacts in different behavior as different lifestyles, food intake, and thoughts levels. We found a root solution after three years of continued research in Ayurveda Shashtra and Vedas.

The scope of Ayurvedic medicines, therapies, and products for healthy living is enormous, not only in India but also in different cities around the globe, since it has the psychological and physiological aspects of eradicating the root cause of problems. With deep research in Charaka Samhita, we also found that skin reacts differently during the day & night time. On that basis, we developed a face pack for day and night. Using these face packs means no need to use face wash and get the perfect facial look for 365 days by daily use.


Who we are

Ayurveda is an ancient practice in the Indian sub-continent, and according to the survey, over 80% of the population has reported using it. BOAT (Beauty Of Ayurveda Therapy) works on 100% pure and rich Ayurveda. We started to get solutions for hormone balancing for hair solution from Ayurveda shastras and Vedas.

We have found out that in the age group of 1 to 30 versus age of 30+ human body reacts in different behaviour as they function at different lifestyles, food intake and thought processes.

After three years of continued research in Ayurveda shastra and Vedas, we have come up with Ayurvedic formulations and solutions by balancing various ayurvedic elements for long-term results.

What drives us

We are a brand which promises to provide safe solutions to skin and hair problems through our well-researched ayurvedic formulations. We are driven by authentic Ayurveda practices and their long terms effects on body and soul. While we can be kind towards the planet, we must be considerate towards our body and soul as it reflects who we are from within. We aim to create and balance a healthy lifestyle by curating certain ayurvedic products and promoting environmentally friendly initiatives.


What we offer

BOAT believes in spreading positivity & light by providing the solution to hair and skin problem. As goodness to Life should be practised by all, we offer a wide range of products. BOAT is registered under USFDA and brings to you the best of Ayurveda. 

We offer four types of Shampoo for different age groups- Boat dandruff fight booster shampoo for the age group of 30+, Boat anti-dandruff shampoo for the age group of 1-30, Boat Hair Protection and anti-hair fall shampoo for the age group between 1-30, Boat Hair Protection and anti-hair fall shampoo for the age group of 30+. We also have two types of hair oils for the age group of 1-30 and 30+. Boat believes in relieving pain by providing Super pain relief pure crystal soap.

We also offer superb anti-ageing pure sandal soap, which has an anti-ageing or anti-wrinkle effect on the skin; there is an anti-fungal pure neem soap which acts as an anti-bacterial & anti-parasitic on the skin. Also, there is Nourishment pure honey soap, which lightens the skin and makes it healthier. With Concept Of Indian Gurus And Saints Invented The Boat (Beauty Of Ayurveda Therapy) Face Pack, including Natural, Rich, And Pure Ayurveda, Which Naturally Balances The Face Skin Level.

About our Founders
Beauty Advisor

Haze Jisa

CEO - founder

Olivia Smitht


Jannie Marley

Dr. Khanjan Lathia

Dr. Khanjan Lathia is a well-known ayurvedic and psychological researcher, corporate trainer, and naturopathy doctor. He has served society since 2016 and has done deep research on Ayurveda and psychology since college. Nowadays, he gives extraordinary results in any specific and impossible human disease and any stage of mental condition with Ayurveda and psychology from ancient shastra. He also developed hormonal balancing hair oil and anti-infection shampoo from Ayurveda research. He has also developed a face pack which gives auto-generated cells of the face, which drives auto facial looks and makes dunes and pimples zero. He currently developed Prakriti wise balancing and skin protecting shower gel for best and natural skin refreshment. With the grace of God, he treated many impossible cases for physical and mental level strength with Ayurveda and psychology.

Mrs. Krisha Lathia

Mrs. Krisha Lathia is a very dynamic personality who manages the quality of products and BOAT (Beauty of Ayurveda Therapy). She has done M.Sc. in Physics and is a profound staff management trainer. She also manages the research and development of the company. With her superb management and leadership quality, she maintains the highest quality of products, which gives the best results in a short time with Ayurveda and without single side effects. She also extensively researched the human body’s skin and hair based on the Ayurveda study.